One of the most enduring emotions in a young lady’s mind has got to be that of confusion.

Confusion over every aspect of her life. It could be over the most mundane of things- What to eat? What to wear? What to say?

And don’t even get me started on the bigger issues- Where to go out? How to talk to him? What you’re going to be doing next year?…

There’s always a conflict. A conflict of emotions; a conflict between what your heart and mind say; a conflict between what you want to do and what you’re supposed to do.

Somehow, we’re just never too sure of ourselves. “Be confident,” everyone says, but that’s always easier said than done, really. How can I be confident if I don’t know what I want myself?

Confusion, perplexity, indecision, skepticism

“Take a step back and think about it, that should help,” I’ve been told. But looking at the bigger picture just means more avenues, more options, more choices, and a bigger dilemma.

Is avoidance or denial the way to deal with it all? Probably not.

Is just letting someone else take over the smarter step? Again, probably not.

But is that what I end up doing? Absolutely.

So till the time I can figure out if I want to take up Economics or Design; if I want to wear that cute skirt or that badass jacket; if I should casually say hi or make awkward flirty jokes. I’ll just let my guts take over, because at this point, I trust them more than my rational mind or emotional heart


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