Inhale, Exhale

Inhale, Exhale

A myriad of images flashes by in my head

I see me, walking into a new building

I see me, amongst strangers,

soon to be those I couldn’t live without

I see me, standing on a stage, performing

I see me, crumbling on a bench, sobbing

Inhale, Exhale

Same place, different scenes

I see us, laughing away

I see us, arguing and debating

I see us, happily together

I see us, strangers once again

Inhale, Exhale

Point out and identify the colors of things around you, they say

Bring your mind to the present,

To where you actually are

And stay there.

Inhale, Exhale

Black; I used that to pen down my erratic thoughts

Red;  I wondered about the significance of those roses

Blue; I was transfixed at the idea of soaring through the sky

Grey; never black, never white, it’s always grey

Green; always greener on the other side, isn’t it?

Inhale, Exhale

I see myself walking out,

Engulfed in a cloud I created myself.

To have your head in the clouds means you have impractical thoughts

Impractical, unimaginable they may be, but they consume me

There’s a tornado in there now, swirling around until all I can see is a blur

A blur of words, of events, of places, of people

Inhale, Exhale

I find myself at my desk again,

Alas, what a mind has been reduced to

Striving for A’s, 100’s and merit is all they’ve been trained to do

Maybe focusing on that, is best for now

Better than the mind wandering,

Getting lost in forbidden forests,

With no way out.


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