Her Eyes were a Galaxy…

Her eyes were a galaxy,

full of depth

more than you could ever begin to understand

Her lips were a river,

the smiles flowing freely,

paying no heed to the elements around her

Her hair was a forest fire,

wild, untamable

mirroring her spirit

Her face was a far-away planet,

the atmosphere, dense, always changing,

adapting, to protect what was beneath

Her hands were a desert,

you could get lost in them,

but their touch was the gentlest

Her legs were the trunks of a tree,

grounded, supportive,

not flamboyant, but accomplishing the task they were meant to

Her body was a mountainous terrain,

Ups and downs, ridges and mounds,

its beauty palpable to only a few

She was a snowflake,

unique, unlike any other

but melted away promptly, not allowing anyone to see and appreciate


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