Ok so here’s a lil bit about myself
Most of my friends know me as Kj and I’m at that point in life right now where I’m supposed to figure out what to do with the rest of it (aka just about to start college).

I’ve stayed in 2 very different countries split between the 18 years I’ve been alive, and I have very strong opinions about nearly everything. If you ask me my hobbies like any other well wishing acquaintance or an interviewer, I could start listing out reading, debating, football, (does internet surfing count?) etc etc.
But recently, someone I met asked me what I really enjoy doing, what I’m passionate about. And the thing that popped into my head, was none other than traveling. That’s precisely what got me started on the idea of this blog. And well here I am

One of the things at the top of my bucket list is touching all 7 continents. I’ve just been on 4 so far. Well I’ve still got time and pretty optimistic about making it happen. Thanks to strict school attendance policies haven’t spent as much time everywhere as I would’ve liked to. But I’ll get there someday.

Other things I enjoy doing while I’m not flying are photography, making my own quote ‘edits’ and simply spending time with friends & the fam!  Most people will say the first  thing that pops into their head to describe me will be – “Potterhead”, yup I’m a major Harry Potter fan, and a Disney fanatic as well! I’ve been known for making up my own words and letting them slip into my friends’ vocab too, so don’t be surprised if you see a few unknown words around here.

Also, this blog is not gonna be like the quintessential travel blog. You’ll have the musings, thoughts and ramblings of a dreamer too.

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